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History shows that every fiat currency system ended in ruins. They all reached their true value, and that is just the value of the paper, printed and used paper, as yesterday's news piece of paper.

Today, almost all currencies in the world are fiat currency, and we have already crossed the point of no return. Just search on the news for debt and money creation charts over the last few years and make your own guess. The question is no longer "if", is "when", and those who didn't see it coming will be the ones who will suffer the biggest consequences.

In this scenario, Gold and Silver are returning to their true historic role as money. As currencies loose value through inflation, gold prices rise (again, check a gold chart from a few years ago until now), and if currencies start failing, gold and silver will skyrocket because all the currencies in the world are fiat currency. People will no longer believe in a piece of printed paper to store their wealth.

Fiat currency value is directly related to the "trust" that people have on the government that support it, so you can decide to trust in the good will, honesty and ability to solve problems of the government, or you can decide to trust in a real and tangible thing, whose value is represented by itself.

Fiat currency is a form of IOU (I Owe You), it means that the money you have in your pocket is owed by somebody. When you lend money to someone, you surely trust that person, you know that he or she will be able to pay you back some day. In a fiat currency system, the value relies exactly in the "trust" that the other part will be able to pay, plus interests. And what happens if you already know that the other part is extremely deep in debt, it continues borrowing even more, and will never be able to pay back, what happens to that "trust"? Well, that is the point of no return that we mentioned before.

Make your own research and think for yourself before making any decision.

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